Professional Photos for Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance agents will often hire photographers to help their clients protect their property from loss. Having professional pictures taken not only helps to record each asset, photographers know how to use proper lighting and angles to showcase an item. The use of professional photography will provide many benefits to the homeowner’s insurance policy. These include:… Read More »

How To Get The Proper Skin Tone When Shooting Portraits

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in a photography workshop is how to achieve a more natural skin tone in your images. While photographers care about the artistry of the shot, background, lighting, composition and all, clients only want to look beautiful and natural on their photo shoots. So, how is this achieved?… Read More »

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Landscape Photos

People who love nature and outdoors enjoy taking great photos of landscapes and scenic vistas. This may start out as pure fun until you develop the bug for photography.   Go out to your garden and practice taking shots of your trees, plants and grass.  You’ll be amazed at the wonderful images you can get… Read More »

Benefits of the Inversion Tables

How useful are inversion tables to you as a person? The benefits are numerous. They are designed to make use of gravity in relieving pressure on your spine. If for example you have some pains at your back that seems to have defied all known medications, it is high time you engaged the use of… Read More »